Healthy Vegetables and Fruits

Healthy Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables and Fruits are played important role in human nutrition. Vegetables and Fruits are brought in to focus Vitamin C. Without cooking of dishes with nutrition is good for health. Some of the few foods can be consumed as such without cooking. Vegetables and fruits take to eat in variety of forms such as Soups, Juices, Salads etc.,

Different parts of the plant are Vegetables

Healthy Vegetables and Fruits
Roots - yams, carrots, radish
Bulb - leeks, onions, garlic
Tuber - potatoes, sweet potatoes
Stem - celery, asparagus, banana, amaranth
Flowers - drumstick, agathi, cauliflower
Leaves - cabbage, amaranth, colocasia, fenugreek, spinach
Pods - cowpea, french beans, cluster beans, field beans
Immature seeds - redgram, peas, bengalgram
Immature fruits - brinjal, pumpkin, cucumber, tomatoes
Mature fruits - tomatoes and other fruits

Vegetables can help correct the basic deficiencies in our diet of calories, calcium, iron, carotene and riboflavin. The cultivation of bananas and roots and tuber can help increase our calorie supplies as they give high yields per acre. Leafy vegetables can contribute significant amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Leafy vegetables are excellent sources of Carotene. In diets based on plant foods they are almost the only good sources of Calcium, Iron and Riboflavin. Many of the fruit vegetables are good sources of riboflavin and Vitamin C. In the choice of vegetables for increased cultivation and consumption, some attention must be paid to their composition with regard to Carotene, Oxalic acid, Calcium, Iron and Vitamin C.

Among the leafy vegetables, fenugreek leaves seem to be excellent as their amino acid composition is favorable, the Carotene in the same is well utilized and they are rich in Iron and do not contain much of oxalic acid. Fruits and salad vegetables can be consumed as such and form a welcome addition to foods.

Vegetables and fruits are low calorie value have an important place in the diets of persons such as obese people and diabetics who have to restrict their calorie in take. Even in normal individuals the consumption of vegetables and fruits helps move the bowels regularly and prevent constipation.