How to increase the Pen drive USB flash drive Speed?

How to increase Pen drive USB flash drive Speed?

Plugin the pen drive in the USB port. Close the "Autoplay" Window in the desktop.

Go to 'My Computer'

Right Click the Pen drive and click 'Properties', Click the Hardware option

Increase the Pen drive USB flash drive Speed
It shows the drives in Name and Type, Select your Pendrive drive name and then click 'Properties' tab

Now it displays a new window with your Pen drive name

Click the Change Settings option

Now desktop displays black color loading window and it ask for 'Confirmation' then click 'Yes'

Select the 'Policies' option

Now it displays 'Quick Removal (default)' and 'Better Performance' options,

Select the 'Better Performance' and click OK

Now System asks 'to restart the computer'. Close all the programs and then Restart the computer, don't remove the pen drive - Eject/remove.

After the system restart, now the pen drive speed increases up to 45%.

This technique is worked in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.