Infographics SEO Backlinks through Infographics image sharing

Infographics SEO backlinks guest image sharing, image sharing is one of the best way to get links from authority sites in your industry, but you’re probably wondering what are image sharing, infographics and how can use them to get more quality links to the site.

So a few years ago, by the internet research. I was experienced site related categories and relevant peoples is the target to market the content.   Well, when you ask someone to add a link to your site, you’re really asking them to do you a favor and take time out of their

busy schedule, so the easier you can make that process, and the more barriers you can remove, the more success you’ll have, and that’s actually the image sharing, infographics sharing the image method.

On 2010, I work for my first website client, a precious steel industry dealer in California. And you probably don’t know this, but the steel industry is really competitive, and not like some other category industries online, like business and fitness, there are not so many link opportunities out there. So, when I created an Image sharing and infographic method for this client, I knew that it had to squeeze the most value out of the tiny outreach list that I had.

Then by the success, one thing that prevents a lot of sites from sharing an image infographic on their site. The fact that they have to write a unique introduction to go along with it. And I realized that if  I just wrote that introduction for them, I’d remove a huge barrier and my success rate would increase.  And that’s exactly what happened. The campaign was a big success, it got him links placements on some of the most authoritative sites in the steel industry. Then i used this method for my sites and clients sites in all different industries. Infographics have worked just as well. Then conversion rate through infographic campaign is increased.

Infographics SEO Backlinks through Infographics image sharing

How start the infograpics and how its work, and how well they work, how use them to get more high quality links to your site.

Infographics Image

The first you obviously need to create infographic image and publish an infographic on your site.

Target Peoples

Next find people who would be interested in your infographic content category. Find using the google search through keyword and other methods. And this is actually really easy to all of you have to do is just search for people that tend to publish content related to your infographic.

So if you want to published an infographic about steel industry, you want to Google keywords like ‘types of steel’, ‘steel composition’, ‘composition of stainless steel’ things like that. And then collect all the sites that you find.

Then show your infographic to show related peoples, this process just trying to get your infographic in front of them. By collecting email research related peoples, just send them an email saying ‘Hey, I know you like to write about ‘types of steel’, ‘composition of stainless steel’. I just published an infographic about steel, would like to see it? Then that person see your infographic, sending it to them and then saying  ‘Hey, if you ever want to share this on your site, I’ll be happy to write the unique introduction for you’. By the unique introduction of the SEO benefit, most people share an infographic and get their infographic shared on other sites, they have a very obvious link that appears at bottom of the infographic, and it’s like that Google will find these type of links.

On the other hand, send a unique introduction with your link embedded inside, there’s no footprint because every introduction is different and it’s a nice contextual link which is the exact link Google likes to see. So you can see the potential that infographics method for generating high quality backlinks and traffic to your site.