Why Stock goes down after the Good Result?

Why Stock goes down after the Good Result? 

Reasons stock goes down after the good result,

1. Market Expectation

For example expected result 100 Cr profit but the result 40 Cr profit only, result not comes market

2. Profit Booking

Investors, Short term traders, Short term investors hold the stocks and they wait for profit booking. If fear comes after the good result they book the profit. Stock goes down.

3. Price Already Adjusting by Information's

News, Updates and information's. The stock already adjust before the result.

4. Information Missing By Investors

Retail Investors and Common peoples only watch news headline about the stock result. But the big Investors, Institutional Investment are analyse full stock report fundamental, technical, balance sheet and they find if any information missing. Investors not support in the stock only retailers buy the stock.

5. Earnings Method

Reason why the stock good result. If balance sheet numbers or good income from the business.

6. Consistence Profit

Multibagger investment, Multibagger call giving brokers, not satisfaction in the result and consistence profit in the stock result.

There is no investors support in the company. Stock not goes up after the result.