10 Tips to Maintain Your Computer

7 easy tips to maintain your computer1. Uninststall the unwanted Softwares

Uninstall the unwanted softwares by, Control Panel -> Programs -> Uninstall a program. Uninstall the not used softwares and remove the unwanted tools for browser windows. Some softwares not visible in Control Panel, remove that softwares by using Uninstall Pro Software download by internet.

2. Delete the Temporary Files

Delete the temporary files in temp folder. Start -> Search -> typing ‘%temp%’. Delete maximum all the files in temp folder.

3. Disk Cleanup

Clean up the system regularly by using disk clean up. By disk cleanup removing the unwanted files and it help to speed up the computer. It deletes the temporary files, invisible virtual files and more. Don’t clean the registry files. Clean up the disk by, All Programs -> Accessories -> Disk Cleanup (or) Using C-Cleaner Software.

4. Disk Defragmenter

Disk defragmenter is a windows tool fragment and arrange the data’s and documents in a hard disk. Disk defragmenter runs by the schedule. You can manually defragment the disk or change the schedule.

All Programs -> Accessories -> Disk Defragmenter

5. Block unwanted Applications

Block unwanted Applications by using the System Configuration tools. Block the unwanted running background programs. It helps to increase the speed of the Computer.

6. Antivirus

Install the antivirus software to secure the computer and from the internet. Antivirus software helps to protect your computer from Malware and Spyware. 

7. Update Antivirus

Update the virus definitions and software update of antivirus regularly.

8. Backup

Back up all the important data’s and documents regularly by your convenient schedule. Store the files using Cloud Storage.

9. Tips to Maintain Laser Printer

Printer is an important part of the device to take computer based hard copy of the documents. Printing is more accessible and useful to all of them, children’s, students, small offices and more. Nowadays most of the offices using laser printer.

Laser printer prints faster than an inkjet printer, it print the documents quickly, Laser printer prints more number of copies with quality black, white and color copies, it prints without spilling more powder and it costs little.

Tips to Maintain Laser PrinterImportant parts of the Laser Printer – Drum, Erase Lamp, Primary Corona, Laser Beam Unit, Toner, Transfer Corona, Fusing Rollers.

Drum assemble using the highly photo conductive material, it can be discharged light photons. Photosensitive drum is cleaned using by erase lamp. Primary corona charges the photosensitive in the surface of the drum. Laser beam unit focuses beam or light to transfer text, images onto paper. Toner spray the powder to photosensitive drum it absorb images. Papers pass through the fusing rollers, it produces the heat and pressure and toner powder melts.
  • Use the correct size of papers suitable to printer.

  • Remove the ceiling tape before using the cartridge.

  • Use the printer catalog for types of paper and how to use.

  • Problems in printing, display circles in the papers. Clean the cartridge and use, again the problem continues, change the cartridge.

  • Use the printer manual instructions how to remove the cartridge and change the cartridge.

  • Remove and clean the dust and debris in the printer. Use the toner vacuum to clean the dust in toner.

  • Printer prints too lightly, time to refill the cartridge.

  • Problems in printing, display lines and toner powders. Change the cartridge.

  • Use the high quality papers to take printout. Low quality papers may cause printer jam.

  • Keep the papers loosely in paper tray to avoid paper jams.

  • Give the time gap, taking more number of pages printouts.

Cleaning and maintenance of laser printer is an important activity in maintaining a computer. Maintenance tips in this article is a general overview. Please refer your printer’s manual instructions for detail printer maintenance.

10. How to increase Pen drive USB flash drive Speed?

Plugin the pen drive in the USB port. Close the "Autoplay" Window in the desktop.

Go to 'My Computer'

Right Click the Pen drive and click 'Properties', Click the Hardware option

Increase the Pen drive USB flash drive Speed
It shows the drives in Name and Type, Select your Pendrive drive name and then click 'Properties' tab

Now it displays a new window with your Pen drive name

Click the Change Settings option

Now desktop displays black color loading window and it ask for 'Confirmation' then click 'Yes'

Select the 'Policies' option

Now it displays 'Quick Removal (default)' and 'Better Performance' options,

Select the 'Better Performance' and click OK

Now System asks 'to restart the computer'. Close all the programs and then Restart the computer, don't remove the pen drive - Eject/remove.

After the system restart, now the pen drive speed increases up to 45%.

This technique is worked in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.